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Weekly police scanner - May 24 edition

May 11

• A caller who wished to remain anonymous said that people were drag racing with a car and motorcycle. An officer talked with one man who said he was leaving and would let the other residents know that police would be watching for further incidents.

• A woman called police to report that a red car had been parked near her residence for a few weeks. She stated that it had been previously towed and had previous complaints against it. The vehicle was towed again.

• A welfare check was requested by a woman concerned for her friend, who she had not spoken to since April. An officer made contact with the woman, who said she did not know the caller.

• A female complained that she had dropped $100 and that two females had picked up the money and left. The incident is under investigation.

May 12

• A man and his father were threatened by another man, it was reported. The man said the other man had taken several things that did not belong to him and when asked for their return, threatened to cause physical harm to the reporter and his father.

• A man made a theft complaint. He said when he went to pick up his things during a property exchange, the items, including a Craftsman nine-drawer toolbox, an air compressor and tackle box and several other items were missing. The woman who lived at the home said she left her garage door open. She thought the man had already picked up the items, so did not report them missing.

May 13

• Law enforcement responded to a report of a grass fire. Upon arriving on scene, the homeowner said she had been burning papers and the fire got away from her and started her wood pile on fire.

• A woman reported a male on a bicycle swerved and almost hit the side of her vehicle. When an officer made contact with the man, he said his bag ripped and he was trying to carry the items in the bag in his cowboy hat instead. The officer made the man pour out a bottle of wine and he was advised to walk his bike home.

May 14

• A woman reported a silver Chevy Malibu was in her driveway and when she confronted the occupants, they left. She discovered her gas tank open and believed they were stealing gas from her. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

• A daycare requested an officer stop by for a photo with the children, who were wearing superhero capes.

May 15

• A man reported the theft of a large garden gnome from his yard. He did not know when the gnome went missing or if the gnome's hat was red or blue.

• A caller reported that a male came onto his property and began mowing his lawn. The man ran over some hoses, damaging them.

May 17

• A complaint came in about several chihuahuas that chased a woman. When an officer arrived at the apartment building, he observed several chihuahuas running loose in the hallway and feces in the hallway. There was an open apartment door and the dogs went into the apartment. The officer observed several more dogs in the apartment. He shut the door, then knocked on it. A woman answered and when advised of the chasing complaint, she said that her dogs do not go into the hall. When the officer said he saw several dogs in the hall, she said she did not know who left the door open. She said she had six dogs and three puppies in the apartment, but that she was dog sitting while her daughter was in jail for 14 months. The officer advised her of the two-dog ordinance and gave her a week to get down to two dogs and that someone would check to make sure she was in compliance. She responded, "Let the games begin."